Below you’ll find everything from Solar Generators to tools to food! Everything I use in the videos or mention in a blog post, or in the Brand New Prepper book, is listed here. My angle is simple! If you click a link, and then make a purchase, I get paid an affiliate fee. If enough of you do that, then someday Lisa, my son Kaelen, and I are hoping to buy our first homestead.

I hope you find this useful, and if there is anything you think should be listed and isn’t please let me know!

Solar Generators

Bluetti AC 200P Bundle (includes 3 Solar Panels, can attach 1 extra battery)

Bluetti 200 w Solar Panels (I bought two more for a total of five)

Bluetti AC 200MAX (Like the AC 200 but can attach 2 extra batteries! See next two purchases)

Bluetti AC 230 Expansion Battery (Gave me an extra day of freezer / computer use)

Bluetti AC300 Expansion Battery (Another 36 hours, but too heavy to be portable)

Bluetti Expansion Cable (Add 500w more in solar panels!)

Go Bags & Accessories

Universal Tactical Vehicle Seat Back Organizer (Game changer! Organizes my truck with detachable pouches)

Lightweight Folding Director’s Chair (Great for camping, and I use it in my garage when I have guests)

Paracord (So useful for camping, and odd projects)

Bic Lighters (Cheap and easy to buy in bulk)

Water & Filtration

Stainless Steel Jerry Cans (I have 3. Never need to change the water! Much better than plastic)

Lifestraw Gravity Filter (So awesome. Great for camping or emergencies)

Steripen (Used on the John Muir Trail. So much better than pumping)

Defense & Security

Zeeporte Security Camera (I have 2. Easy to use, charge every few months)

Large Rifle Safe (Holds valuables, and any size firearm I might want)

Pepper Spray (Super cheap, easy to use)


Klein Multimeter (handy for Solar and battery testing)

DeWalt Orbital Sander (it sands things)

DeWalt Jigsaw (So versatile. My favorite small saw)

Insulated Screwdrivers (To avoid getting shocked on computers, etc)

Zip Ties (Assorted sizes for all uses)

Portable Air Compressor (I keep it in my truck when I travel in case of flats)

Carpenter’s Speed Square (I use it so often when cutting wood, or measuring)

Makita Circular Saw (My very first saw!)

Food & Cooking

Propane Camp Stove (Lightweight & Portable)

Ninja Coffee Maker (It makes sneaky coffee)

Ninja Electric Grill (Solar powered burgers and steaks. Mmm)

Morton’s Salt (Every human needs salt to live. Lasts forever and is easy to store.

Medical, Fitness & Hygiene

Bandaids (I go through so many of these)

Jump Rope (Portable fitness)