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Oh Crap, Brand New Prepper is Live =O

One thought on “Oh Crap, Brand New Prepper is Live =O

  • July 2, 2022 at 10:35 am

    Hey Chris!

    I thought it sounded as though you were heading the direction of prepping in your last video on your authoring channel. Glad to have you! I had my entire home (and hometown) destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in August of 2005. I’ve been interested in prepping since then, especially since the 2008 depression.

    I’ve bought the book and the audio book to help get things off the ground. Enjoying the (new) Youtube channel as well. With regard to something you mentioned on the YT channel: I would add two things:

    1) too many prepping groups focus on “conspiracy theories.” The New World Order/Illuminatti/Zionists/etc are all out to get us! Well, as someone who has lost everything he owned, I can tell you that it won’t make much difference to you who is “behind” something when you’ve lost everything.

    2) There is an overemphasis in the prepping community of moving to Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. Now, I am a 100% work-from-home consultant. Moving to these places would not affect me financially (and my goal is to make 6-figures by next year). But not everyone can just move to Montana. Additionally, prices in these areas have sky-rocketed. I have paid off my student loans last month and I have a credit score of 811. I am looking to get a homestead in the next 10 months. But I am *not* paying 625k for a two bedroom, one bath place in north Idaho. Sorry. Ain’t gonna happen.

    I wanted to ask: Have you ever heard of Tom Wood’s School of Life? It’s an online community where we talk about everything but politics: how to budget money, where to relocate and how to do so on a budget, how to diet, etc. One of Tom’s speakers was Joel Skoussen, famous for his books on prepping. I’d be happy to share everything he and I discussed with the group!
    The reason I bring this up is that Tom had the great idea of creating a central place where we can all chat. It’s a social media website called “MeWe.com.” MeWe is a facebook alternative where we all gather to talk about different topics for that week. I think it would be great if you started a MeWe group. As someone who deleted Facebook six years ago because I was tired of all the ENDLESS political debates and insults, I can guarantee you MeWe is a much calmer, nicer place. It’s really perfect for a group like this that you’re hoping to keep the gloom and doom out of. Plus, MeWe accounts are FREE.

    Just thought I’d throw some ideas around. Please let me know if there’s some place we can all share ideas.


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